About Sarah Flack

Sarah has a diverse background in sustainable agriculture, which includes both on-farm and academic experience. She is nationally known for her public speaking, workshops, books and numerous articles on a range of agricultural topics.

Sarah Flack has worked and lived on diversified, organic and biodynamic dairy, livestock and vegetable farms; she has been an independent organic inspector since the mid 1990's, and she has helped many farms successfully convert to new farming systems.

Her current work includes writing, public speaking and consulting with farms and organization to help farmers transition to new methods of farming including grass based, diversified, and organic. She also works as an independent inspector of organic and biodynamic farms and processing facilities. She is the author of Organic Dairy Production, co-author of The Organic Dairy Handbook - a comprehensive guide for the transition and beyond and co-author of Transitioning to Organic Dairy - a self assessment workbook, as well as many articles on farming and food. Her farming experience includes both organic and non-organic dairy, sheep, beef, pastured poultry, pigs, and lacto-fermented vegetables (sauerkraut and Kim chi).

Sarah received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Agriculture and Biology and Masters of Science in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Vermont. She also has post graduate training in subjects including organic and biodynamic certification, business management, Holistic Management and organic production practices including: soil fertility, health care of livestock, animal welfare, medicinal herbs, homeopathy, cheese making, meat production, fermentation, and much "on-the-job" farm and processing experience.

When she is not traveling, Sarah lives in northern Vermont on her off-grid (photovoltaic) small farm. Sarah is grateful to live in a community which values great locally grown food and where she can be surrounded by cows grazing on beautiful pastures.